About Us

Our Story

However convoluted the problem is, there’s always a way to solve it. At KioTek Digi Networks, our main focus is on bringing together the entire industrial automation sector into a forum based global community, where solutions can be arrived at ease, thereby diminishing the effect of downtime. Our view is not unilateral, as our vision is aimed at catering to the needs of both companies facing maintenance issues, as well as experts yearning for a chance to present their problem-solving skills. In literal terms, we act as the bridge between the industries and the experts.

Our Approach

Are you an automation expert who searches for problems to solve? Or, are you an industry searching for the right experts? We’re here to lay your doubts to rest. In MAE, we act as the mediators and bridge the existing gap between industries and experts, a problem that has plagued manufacturing companies for decades, choking their productivity and roadblocking their daily goals. Let’s build together a global community, where the solution to the above two questions lies in the single click of the ‘signup’ button. MyAutomation.Expert is an integrated platform that would enable an job provider in manufacturing industries to hire an expert who applies for the job online to quickly resolve technical faults and issues.