Remote Troubleshooting Services

What is Remote Troubleshooting Services?

MyAutomation.Expert provides Remote Troubleshooting services, where an expert can pick the assigned tickets and give the required troubleshooting service to the industries at the moment though our highly secure platform.

Process of Providing Remote Troubleshooting Service as an Expert:

Register as an Expert

Register as an Expert by simply filling up a form. You will get an email notification after this stage.

Post Your Expertise

Click on Post Your Expertise button and fill-up all the required details in the form.

Wait for Approval

The technical team will verify your details and approve it, you will get notified through email .

Accept Trouble calls

You can go through the tickets assigned to you and accept if you can provide the troubleshooting service at the moment

Fix the Problems

Once you accept the ticket, fix the problem on time.

Get Paid

After completion of the project, we will verify it and you will be get paid.

Benefits to the Expert for Providing Remote Troubleshooting Services:

Provide Immediate Service Remotely

You can provide service remotely in your flexible working hours.

Provide Support

You can provide the required technical assistance and also earn for that.​

Earn Money

Our global community will provide a projects based on your skills and interest which helps to increase your earnings potential.​